#639 Using Project Haystack for other domains

Veena T Fri 21 Sep 2018


I would like to use Project Haystack for domains other than facility automation systems, equipment systems, energy metering systems, other smart devices.

Is it possible to represent data of other domains using Project Haystack?

Brian Frank Fri 21 Sep 2018

You can easily use the Haystack data model and associated open source libraries for any domain. The data model is essentially just a generic but more sophisticated version of JSON. Just like JSON it is has arrays and objects (we call them lists and dicts). But it includes a more expansive list of scalar types - where JSON only has bool, number, and string, Haystack adds a couple other key scalar types like Marker, Date, Time, DateTime, etc. Note that comparison is to JSON's fundamental data model, not syntax (since we encode the Haystack to JSON with full fidelity).

Veena T Mon 24 Sep 2018

Thank you for the reply Brian.

I have another doubt regarding the primary structure of the haystack model which is based on a hierarchy of three entities Site, Equip and Point.

Can I add new entities and change the hierarchy? For example I need to add the region entity which will be the parent of the site entity.

Brian Frank Mon 24 Sep 2018

Haystack data is not organized into an hierarchy - its is organized as a graph. Those just happen to be the three most common entity types which we have standardized and which have a natural "contains" relationship in the graph. But most people using Haystack add other entities such as regions, floors, systems, etc - we just haven't standardized that yet.

Veena T Wed 26 Sep 2018

Thank you for the reply, Brian.

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