#635 Histories issue after the Niagara station goes down

Pouya Ghadimi Wed 12 Sep 2018

We have experienced that some of the histories are not synced after the station has gone down.

Still we can discover the histories through haystackReadAll(conn,his) however the data sync has stopped. This is random as other points have their data synced fine.

After the station has gone down we brought it back by following: https://finproducts.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/FINStack/pages/90411589/Haystack+Troubleshooting#HaystackTroubleshooting-Issue2:Get410:Gone(N4)

Is this a known issue and how can we find out whats the underlying issue causing this ?

Richard McElhinney Wed 12 Sep 2018

Hi Pouya,

Can you please provide some more details regarding the software you are using?

What version of FINStack and/or Niagara are you using?

Cheers, Richard

Pouya Ghadimi Wed 12 Sep 2018

Hi Richard,

This has happened on Niagara AX version 3.8.41 linked to SkySpark through nHasytack. I just switched the problematic histories to Obix and the trendlogs are fine, however the nHaystack is not able to sync the data anymore.

Richard McElhinney Sun 16 Sep 2018


Can you provide some more details please? Is the problem on the SkySpark side or the Niagara side?

Is there an exception or error message you post?

Which version of SkySpark are you using?

Anything else that is relevant?

Cheers, Richard

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