#615 UOM reference suggestion

Mark Leonard Thu 31 May 2018

Sometimes when reviewing the available units of measure they do not always contain the measurements referenced in the field.

Would you please consider adding a reference name in (Parenthesis)next to the following Haystack UOMs?

ft³ (CCF) hft³ (HCF)

Thank you for your time and consideration

Brian Frank Fri 2 Nov 2018

The unit CCF is not currently in the database, but that is typically not a measurement of simple volume. For example in the case of natural gas its a measurement of energy which is normalized to the Joule. We do have this today:

cubic_feet_natural_gas, ft³_gas; kg1*m2*sec-2; 1086498

So we would need a precise definition before adding it to the unit database.

Chris Kuhn Wed 8 Nov 2023

Brian - can we have CCF added with the guidance here: https://19january2017snapshot.epa.gov/www3/watersense/our_water/understanding_your_bill.html#:~:text=A%20CCF%20(centum%20cubic%20feet,the%20other%20unit%2C%20the%20gallon.

CCF for water is relatively common for utility billing - familiar enough that it should be an available unit.

Rick Jennings Thu 9 Nov 2023

Thanks to Chris for the feedback on CCF being used to measure water consumption.

My understanding is that HCF, CCF, MCF, and Therms are used to measure natural gas consumption.

  • CCF = centum cubic-feet
  • HCF = 100 cubic-feet
  • MCF = 1,000 cubic-feet
  • 1 CCF = 1 HCF
  • 1 CCF natural gas = 100 cubic-feet natural gas
  • 1 MCF natural gas = 1,000 cubic-feet natural gas
  • 1 MCF is approximately equal to 1 MMBtu

In summary, I would recommend that we consider adding CCF, HCF, and MCF to the Haystack unit database.

We would like to hear what Chris and others from the community think about this. Please let us know!

Chris Kuhn Fri 10 Nov 2023

@Rick - Thank you for taking a gander.

Looks good to me.

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