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#522 Project Haystack Grows in Europe - Subject of Opening Session at Projekt BMS, Warsaw Poland Oct 18

John Petze Thu 17 Aug 2017

Projekt BMS logo

We are excited to inform the Haystack community that Project Haystack will be the subject of the official conference opening session at Projekt BMS, October 18-19, in Warsaw Poland. Projekt BMS sets out to create a flagship, annual event for suppliers and recipients of Building Management Systems, Smart Building Systems, building Automation Technology.

John Petze, Executive Director of and Partner at SkyFoundry will be the speaker introducing the attendees to the concepts of data modeling for device data and Project-Haystack technology. The European market is seeing increased adoption of Project Haystack which will be the subject of presentations at other conference events in France and elsewhere this fall.

Full details on the Projekt BMS Conference can be found at this link

The agenda and schedule for the Project Haystack presentation can be found at this link

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