#519 Where can you purchase Haystack devices

Greg Ingram Sat 12 Aug

Is there a list of devices available to purchase that support Haystack? I would like to get one to test the protocol and communications. Thx

marc petock Tue 15 Aug

Greg: If you are looking for a BACnet to Haystack data pump, please contact me at marc.petock@lynxspring.com.


Lokesh Bahaddur Mon 21 Aug

Brian Frank Thu 24 Aug

Greg: one fairly easy way to test is to use the Java Haystack toolkit which has both client and server support. You can use it to run a dummy server inside of Tomcat or the like on your local development machine.

One idea I've had that would be nice is to actually run a test server on this site for debugging.

Terry Casey Tue 29 Aug

Greg Intellastar offer a T-Star device that runs SkySpark and uses the Haystack Data Model with support for Haystack Comms check out www.intellastar.com or contact me tcasey@intellastar.com

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