#510 C# (.NET) Haystack Authentication Library - Released!

Matthew Giannini Thu 29 Jun

Hi everyone. We are pleased to make available an open-source C# library for doing the new SCRAM haystack authentication. You can find the source code here:


This is a very minimal implementation that currently only solves the authentication problem. We hope that in the future, we or members of the community who do a lot of .NET development will enhance it to support the full haystack data model.

Andrey Poltavets Mon 11 Sep

Hi Matthew Good work! I've fixed basic auth and compatibility with nhaystack. https://bitbucket.org/minzdrav/haystack-csharp/commits/3f1b05568854ad4faeb17bdc2161151774f77c55

How we can integrate my changes to your repository? Btw, I would be happy to see your library on nuget.

Matthew Giannini Tue 12 Sep

Hi Andrey - can you issue a pull request or send me a patch directly (I will email you offline)? I will try to get in incorporated as quickly as I can.

Andrey Poltavets Wed 13 Sep

Hi Matthew. You can find patches in email message. Thank you for quick response.

Matthew Giannini Wed 13 Sep

@Andrey - Thanks for the patches. I pushed them to the repo and they are available now.

Andrey Poltavets Wed 13 Sep


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