#504 Niagara 4 Application Director logs thousands of unit conversions

Christopher Thomas Fri 16 Jun


I have a client who has a Niagara 4 supervisor.

When we connected SkySpark to the Niagara 4 supervisor via Haystack connector, the Application Director on the N4 supervisor started logging thousands of messages which appear to relate to unit conversions. Here are just a few:




inches of water;in/wc;(m-1)(kg)(s-2);*248.84;




cubic feet per minute;cfm;(m3)(s-1);*4.719474432E-4;


Apparently, the volume of these messages is so great that the memory on the supervisor is becoming depleted, and as a consequence, the supervisor becomes unresponsive.

Currently the issue is being dealt with by a trash collection process that clears out these messages from the N4 Application Director once per day.

However, we'd like to understand why this is happening at this site but none of the other sites where we are using SkySpark to connect to Niagara 4 or Tridium AX. We're hoping there is an update or configuration setting that can stop these messages from logging whenever SkySpark is connected to the N4 supervisor.

Any help from the community would be greatly appreciated.



Johnathon Underwood Sun 18 Jun

Hi Christopher,

That println has been removed in the latest version of nHaystack 2.0.1 Just upgrade to that module to fix this problem. It can be downloaded from http://project-haystack.org/download

Regards, Johnathon

Christopher Thomas Mon 19 Jun

Hi Johnathon:

Thank you so much for your response.

How difficult is it to upgrade the module? Can you just delete the old service and drag-and-drop the new file to the same location?

Or is there some other procedure?


Christian Tremblay Mon 19 Jun

Technically, it's supposed to be easy. Upgrade the module in software manager and reboot.

Johnathon Underwood Mon 19 Jun

Both what you said and what Christian said will work, however your method would require a restart of the supervisor.

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