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#501 Flow Modeling working group

Karine Lavigne Sat 10 Jun 2017

Originally, the notion of reference in the nomenclature was mainly created to emulate the notion of reference between the tables of a database (foreign key). References such as ahuRef or chilledWaterPlantRef express more explicitly this concept. However, many users use references (equipRef) to translate an inclusive relationship (nesting). Unfortunately, if one wants to rather express a sequential relation, an order between points or objects, there is no tag allowing it. The aim of this working group is to consider setting up a system of reference tags to capture notions of flow (air, water, electricity, etc.) in order to open the possibilities of tags to advanced analytics and automated controls. We invite you to join the effort!

Brian Frank Wed 28 Apr 2021

I'm going to mark this WG as closed, since this work has been included in Haystack 4 via the new airRef, elecRef, etc tags

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