#500 WIP report on nhaystack

Richard McElhinney Wed 7 Jun


A number of people have contacted me asking what's going on with nhaystack and are wondering if this project is still active. Apologies if I have been giving off the impression of inactivity...this definitely isn't the case and I am still working on this as much as I can.

I'm pleased to report that a couple of members of the community have expressed interest in working with me on this project and 1 has already contributed some code.

A big thanks and shout out to Christian Tremblay for his contributions. Christian has some great ideas and is an active Project Haystack open source contributor with his PyHaystack work.

Please see below for a brief summary of main activities and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me.

  • nhaystack for Niagara AX
    • Integrating the code and features from Christian Tremblay
    • Updating the tag names and groups as per the latest standard
    • Integrating latest Haystack Java Toolkit to implement the Haystack 3.0 model
    • Updating the automated testing harness
  • nhaystack for N4
    • Including all additions as per the Niagara AX updates
    • Initial investigations into using the N4 tag database rather than the haystack slot

I'm also pleased to advise that Tridium have been working on the authentication issue that many people have posted in this forum about when using N4. I believe that they have developed a solution however I'm not sure on the exact release details, but once I find out then I will post publicly and advise how this affects the nhaystack for N4 module.

Cheers, Richard

Christian Tremblay Mon 12 Jun

Regarding the authentication issue, we made it work with Pyhaystack in N4.2 using digest authentication based on documentation and help from Tridium...

There was a step missing in the Java example file at the end, one more request to j_security_check if I remember correctly.

It works with SSL or Not

Buddy Patton Fri 30 Jun

Thanks for the update, I was actually just poking around looking for whether or not the N4 tagging scheme was supported. Sad to hear it's not but glad it's in the roadmap. Have you thought about hosting on github? It might be easier to flag issues and things for [Help Wanted] or to maybe keep a tighter feedback loop with the community. I'll help out where I can.

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