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#496 Lab/Fume Hood Working group

Gabe Sandoval Mon 5 Jun 2017

I wanted to officially start the Lab/Fume Hood working group. I know initially it was presented as a Fume Hood working group but I would like to expand it to include tagging for labs and systems associated with labs. I look forward to working with any who are interested in this subject.

Thanks, Gabe

Hiroko Masuda Wed 5 May 2021

Hi, I saw this posting was from 2017. Where can I track the progress of this working group? I posted a question in the forum: #912 airRef for Exhaust systems. If anybody from this WG could give me an advice, that would be great!

Nick Gayeski Thu 28 Jul 2022

Hi all, I am working with the organizing committee for Haystack Connect and we plan to have a series of working group updates. The conference is virtual and taking place between September 13-15, 2022.

Is there anyone on your WG willing and able to present a good update of the latest activity, or the latest thinking, of your working group for the broader community? This is a good way to get more people engaged and to bring new ideas to the forefront. If you see this as a good opportunity to engage the community, please submit an abstract here to speak at the conference:

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