#488 nhaystack - Proposal for version 2.0.2

Christian Tremblay Thu 11 May 2017

I just created two pull requests for a new version for nhaystack (PR for N4, PR for AX)

Main new feature is the ability for nhaystack to add tags automatically based on the point name. So when you drag and drop the point on the service, nhaystack will look inside your custom csv file and look for the point name. If it finds it, it will apply the tags...if not, it will do as usual and create and empty haystack slot.

  • I've created a ax branch and a N4 branch
  • I've also added compiled modules to allow user to test the feature
  • I've also synced equip points, tags, tz, etc with the project-haystack as we were behind the actual version.
  • I've also made some little improvements to the Service View. You can have a look to a screen capture in the docs (see links below) point 3.2
  • I modified details from the about() function in N4... no more AX when running on N4

Both versions (AX and N4) would be versionned the same (2.0.2) so it would be easier to follow...

Niagara 4



Compiled modules




Niagara AX



Compiled Modules




Waiting for feedback !

Eric Loew Mon 15 May 2017

My only feedback is a big thank you from the community! We have relied on the nHaystack driver for both our AX and N4 SkySpark-Niagara integrations and I was getting worried it was languishing.

Richard McElhinney Tue 16 May 2017

Hi Christian,

thanks for the pull requests.

Just FYIO for everyone, Christian and I are working together over on Bitbucket to merge his work and get it released.

Eric: apologies for not keeping you and the community updated but there have been a couple of background discussions going on offline.

Trust me the nhaystack module is not going away and we're hoping to accelerate some of the work this year.

I'll try to do better to keep everyone updated.

Cheers, Richard

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