#487 pyhaystack 0.92 / Haystack Connect 2017 release

Christian Tremblay Mon 8 May 2017

pyhaystack 0.92 / The Haystack Connect 2017 Release

We are very proud to announce our brand new release for pyhaystack version 0.92. This update allows python to connect to haystack server running Skyspark, Skyspark v3+, Widesky, Niagara AX and Niagara4 !

Skyspark v3 new authentication scheme is fully functionnal. Niagara4 SCRAM authentication (digest scheme) is also fully functionnal.

This update brings improvements to the syntax so it's easier to connect and explore your haystack server.

Syntax improvements

It's now easier to connect to a haystack server using pyhaystack.connect(args). You just provide the implementation you need and login info.

You can also use the pythonic square bracket feature over objects to make searches.

my_equip = my_session.site["my_equip_dis"]

znt = my_equip["ZN~2dT"]

temp_sensors = my_equip["sensor and air and temp"]


Histories are fundamental to analysis. Pyhaystack uses Pandas series and dataframes when dealing with histories. You then gain access to a lot of nice features right out of the box. Statistical functions, model fitting, removing nan values or filling them using last good values...

temp_sensors_his_dataframe = session.his_read_frame(temp_sensors, rng="2017-04-01,2017-04-30").result


A great tool

Those features make pyhaystack a great tool for "on the spot" analysis but also a robust module to build global distributed analysis application (like Widesky).

Haystack Connect

We will not have the chance to party with you on Haystack Connect this year.

We hope that you will find some time to think about us and the open source community, working hard to make project-haystack more accessible and widely used in the building automation world.

pyhaystack is a 100% open source project supported by SERVISYS inc. and VRT Systems

Come and join us on https://github.com/ChristianTremblay/pyhaystack and chat with us on https://gitter.im/ChristianTremblay/pyhaystack

You can also read the docs on http://pyhaystack.readthedocs.io

Have a great event !

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