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#474 NEWS FLASH - Intel® Joins Project Haystack Organization as a New Founding Member

John Petze Thu 2 Mar

Intel® Joins Project Haystack Organization as New Founding Member

The Project-Haystack organization is excited to announce that Intel® has joined the Project Haystack Organization as a Founding Member and will hold a seat on the Board of Directors.

Having Intel join the Project Haystack Organization is very exciting for community. As a member on the Board of Directors Intel will be a great asset as the organization continues to focus on its mission to make IoT device data self-describing and easier to use across applications of all types. We want to thank Intel for their support and look forward to working with them to continue to advance the Project-Haystack mission.

You can view the official press announcement here

Intel is also supporting the Haystack Connect event as the Community Champion sponsor. Full details on current sponsors can be found here

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