#473 Complete Equipment/Point Tag List

Ryan Terrell Tue 28 Feb

I know this has been addressed to some degree, but has anyone created a COMPLETE list of all the tags that can/should be associated with each type of point, piece of equipment, system, meter, building, site, etc? I know this can be compiled from the information that is available on this site and through the forum, but has it not been compiled already? Something like below for each piece of equipment and then a similar list for every type of point. List out all of the tags for the equipment and then list out all points and references for that equipment.

This is an issue for us attempting to create a naming and standardized tag model when pulling multiple manufacturers control systems into our data analytics software. They can come from Lon, BACnet, or Modbus and we cannot just implement the haystack module onto the Niagara controls. The end goal is a spreadsheet that you can identify what a point is and it auto-creates all of the tags and associated point references. But you have to have a master list to accomplish this.

Example VAV List

Tags: ahuRef, chilledWaterPlantRef, coolOnly, dualDuct, equip,fanPowered,hotWaterPlantRef,hvac,parallel fanPowered elecReheat,parallel fanPowered, hotWaterReheat, pressureDependent,pressureIndependent,series fanPowered elecReheat,series fanPowered hotWaterReheat,singleDuct,steamPlantRef,vav, zone

Points: air damper cmd, air fan cmd, air fan sensor, air flow effective sp, air flow max sp, air flow min sp, air flow reheating max sp, air flow sensor, air flow standby sp, air pressure sensor, discharge air temp sensor, ductArea sp, entering air temp sensor, perimeterHeat cmd, reheat cmd, vavMode sp, zone air co2 sensor, zone air co2 sp, zone air humidity sensor, zone air temp effective sp, zone air temp occ cooling sp, zone air temp occ heating sp, zone air temp sensor, zone air temp standby cooling sp, zone air temp standby heating sp, zone air temp unocc cooling sp, zone air temp unocc heating sp,

Joel Bender Tue 28 Feb

There was an effort by Matthew Lohbihler Haystack rule base and database validator and his results on the GitHub project haystack-validator might be an interesting starting point. We have exactly the same situation here at Cornell, lots of points with relatively poor tagging, but at least we have naming conventions!

If you would like to join forces let me know. You might also want to consider joining the BACnet Applications Working Group within SSPC 135.

John Petze Wed 1 Mar

This is actually a good example of an opportunity for a group of community members to come together to address to take the libraries to the next step. We need the systems experts to volunteer to come together to address these needs.

Related to BACnet, please note that Dave Robin of the BACnet committee will be providing a detailed overview of BACnet and ASHRAE efforts on meta data modeling at the upcoming Haystack Connect event. Details on the conference here

You can see the preview of sessions here

I will also mention another topic that I have heard community members mention but that has not taken off yet - integration/cross mapping with BIM modeling standards including possibly establishing outreach to OSCRE and other organizations. We will be having a community working group session at Haystack Connect to discuss priorities and ask for volunteers for working groups.

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