#470 Niagara 4 Missing Tags

Nathan Deppe Wed 15 Feb

I am noticing a discrepancy between the tags that are posted on the website, and those that are included in the nHaystack 2.0.1 module for Tridium Niagara 4.

For example: uv, fcu, AHU Heating/Cooling Methods, Zone Delivery and Ductwork tags seem to be missing for the N4 module.

Am I missing something?

Richard McElhinney Thu 16 Feb

Hi Nathan,

Thanks for pointing this out. I'll take a look and see what's gone wrong there.

When I build the nhaystack module I automatically pull in the latest tag definitions from the download section of this website, perhaps it didn't quite work as planned.

I'll take a look.

Cheers, Richard

Nathan Deppe Fri 24 Mar

@richard Have you had a chance to review?

Richard McElhinney Sun 26 Mar

Hi Nathan,

I did take a look, I just haven't managed to do a new release yet.

When some of the tags were updated in a recent release so were some of the filenames in the downloads section of this website.

The build process I use for building nhaystack for N4 automatically goes and grabs those files from this website and bundles them into the Jar file. As I didn't notice the filenames had changed I didn't update the build process and the files weren't updated.

I'll look into getting something out shortly.

Thanks for following up.

Regards, Richard

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