#468 Haystack Connect Early Bird Registration Discount Extended -- Expires February 28

John Petze Wed 8 Feb

Haystack Connect Early Bird Registration Discount Extended to February 28

Now is the time to make plans to attend Haystack Connect 2017 and save money on your registration. The Early Bird Discount has been extended to Feb 28. This includes the full conference and all of your meals at the conference - by the way, Saddlebrook is known for great food

The Early Bird Discount expires at midnight on February 28th. The standard Registration fee is $895.

The Haystack Connect 2017 Conference will once again, bring together systems integrators, technology providers, A&E firms, OEMs and end users who are leading the way to advance smart-device applications and the power of data that is helping to create more efficient, sustainable built environment and streamline the interoperation of the systems and devices that permeate our modern world. Haystack Connect 2017 will be the place where data and creating value from it gets real.

Attendees will get up-close and personal technical presentations and live demonstrations of real world solutions in order to better distinguish all the hype-filled claims that attempt to gloss over the real-world challenges of integrating smart devices and IoT applications.

All Conference Registrations are being handled online. Register today at this link

If you have any questions about Haystack Connect 2017, please contact our conference coordinator, Robin@haystackconnect.org We are looking forward to a very successful Haystack Connect 2017 and seeing you there!

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