#465 nHaystack palette does not show up in Niagara 3.8

scott marcotte Wed 25 Jan

I recently installed the nHaystack.jar file on a Jace running Niagara version 3.8 and it shows up as OK in the Software Manager but when I go to search for the palette it is not in the list. The Jace was rebooted after the install. I installed nHaystack version 1.2.5. Any thoughts on what I may have missed?

Christian Tremblay Wed 25 Jan

Did you restarted Workbench ?

Alper √úzmezler Wed 25 Jan

#1 What is the make and model of the jace? Some companies do not use java hotspot that is causing issue. #2 Is it commissioned ui + runtime ?

Keith D Bishop Thu 26 Jan

When you say that this is a Jace, it looks like you are connecting remotely. In that case, the palette isn't driven by the Jace but by the items you have installed on your machine. Have you installed the nHaystack jar on your system?

scott marcotte Thu 26 Jan

Keith you are exactly right. I should have clarified that I was connecting through Workbench on my laptop. I was able to see it when accessing the system via a browser. Will go ahead and install the nHaystack jar on my system. I'm a newbie to Haystack and was just introduced to the technology through J2 Innovations Take FIN for a Spin get together. Very impressed with the technology and looking forward to getting deeper into its capabilities. Thanks for everyone's help.

scott marcotte Thu 26 Jan

Tried to install on My Host laptop with Workbench Software Manager and it shoes up as available, right click to install, Install Project Haystack 1.2.5 and it doesn't seem to actually install. The Cancel Install button is highlighted though. Am I missing a step or is there some other way to install the nHaystack jar file on My Host laptop?

Keith D Bishop Fri 27 Jan

Scott, just copy the file into the [Niagara Home]\modules\ directory and then restart workbench.

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