#462 Project Haystack Authentication Example

Steve Eynon Tue 10 Jan

The new Project Haystack authentication mechanism is specified here:


While the documentation gives an example, it is very high level and skips all SCRAM implementation detail. So I've written a fully worked authentication conversation using SkySpark v3 as the reference server:

SCRAM over SASL for SkySpark v3


It is written from the perspective of a client and concludes with example Fantom code that communicates with SkySpark.

While the example and concluding code are Fantom specific, it should be general enough to follow should you wish to port the code to other languages.

Hope it helps,


Anya Petersen Fri 3 Mar

Thanks for sharing this! I just updated our Ruby Haystack adapter to use SCRAM and your write up was definitely a useful reference.

Sigwalt Pierre Tue 14 Mar


do you know when it will be available in the pyhaystack module .

Thank you for your help and time.

Christian Tremblay Wed 15 Mar

@Alexander You can interact direclty with us for any pyhaystack related technical questions.

You can create issues with your problem on github here : https://github.com/ChristianTremblay/pyhaystack

And chat with us here : https://gitter.im/ChristianTremblay/pyhaystack

One of the biggest challenge for us is having access to haystack servers. I'm a Niagara guy and Stuart works with Widesky. So if you have a specific problem with Skyspark (let's say) using the new authentication scheme, we will have to make some tests.

Sigwalt Pierre Wed 15 Mar

Thank you for your response, I will discuss about it on the 2 links you provided to me.


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