#460 Opportunity for Consultants to Address the Value of Tagging to End Users & Owners at HaystackConnect

John Petze Tue 27 Dec 2016

Calling all members of the Project Haystack community that are consultants to building designers, owners and operators!

This year we are adding sessions to the Haystack Connect program specifically to address the value of meta data tagging to the end user, owner and operator. Given that automation and energy management systems are mainly hidden from the daily life of owners, its even more of a challenge to help them understand the value of requiring meta data tagging as part of their project design, specification and operational strategy.

We would like to invite members of the consulting community to submit an abstract for a presentation that addresses the end user value of tagging from your viewpoint. We think this topic will be of strong interest to attendees and we are increasing our outreach to the owner, operator community.

We hope you will consider submitting to speak and we very much hope you plan to join us at HaystackConnect 2017. We have a great event planned at a great location - Saddlebrook just outside of Tampa.

Details on the Call for Speakers can be found here

The home page for HaystackConnect 2017 can be found here

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