#457 pyhs - Light-weight Python Haystack implementation released

Peter Michalek Mon 5 Dec 2016

Connexx Energy has released a beta version of haystack client implementation in Python.

Please see https://github.com/connexxenergy/pyhs

Since this is not the first Python Haystack client or parser and was developed before other versions were published but is only being published now, it doesn't reuse any of other projects' code. Here are some essentials to be aware of to decide which implementation best fits a potential user/developer needs:

This version currently includes: * minimal dependencies (requests for HTTP client, nose for unit tests) * parsing of haystack Zinc * write/encoding of haystack for Zinc/Csv/JSON * tested/works with Niagara and other products that provide haystack servers

For questions about Connexx Energy, its technology and haystack use, please visit the website at http://connexxenergy.com or contact sales@connexxenergy.com.

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