#456 New version of pyhaystack / Haystack in Python

Christian Tremblay Mon 5 Dec 2016

I'm glad to announce that pyhaystack has recently been updated to version 0.91.1 so just

pip install pyhaystack --upgrade

This version solves issues with Skyspark connection and a lot of other things (thanks to our users that have reported those bugs) A lot of work has been done with documentation and robustness of the module.

  • pyhaystack now support units using pint
  • access histories using well known Pandas Series or DataFrame
  • pyhaystack is a great exploratory tool using your preferred Python client (ie. Jupyter Notebook for example)
  • write to a haystack server

Visit us :

Or check the doc :

(Please note that we do not support Niagara4 connection yet...)

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