#453 nhaystack 2.0.1 release

Richard McElhinney Thu 17 Nov 2016


Just a quick update on nhaystack. I have put a new version up on Bitbucket for download. This version is 2.0.1. There are very few changes. The 2 major points are the removal of number of annoying "println's" that were spamming the Niagara Application Director console and also this version is built against Niagara

You can download the zip archive from this link:


Secondly, just a quick word on authentication issues. I was recently speaking with the relevant developers at Tridium and explained the effect of this issue on our community. As I understand it there are still a couple of technical details to be agreed on between Tridium and the authentication standard/proposal that Matt Giannini took the time to prepare (you can review that in this post http://project-haystack.org/forum/topic/383).

I have encouraged Tridium to reach out to Matt and our community to resolve the issues and implement the necessary functionality into the N4 authentication procedure. I am still waiting to be notified of any developments on this front.

I would just like to make one thing clear though, which I'm sure is generally well understood. The nhaystack servlet sits behind the Tridium authentication schemes in N4. NHaystack doesn't affect and can't affect or interact with the authentication process, this is handled by the framework. Once authentication is achieved by an incoming request from a Haystack client then it gets routed to nhaystack and it is then our responsibility to handle this request.

Whilst I fully understand the frustrations of the community with the authentication issue (we have the same problem in my company) at this point, as I understand things, there is very little we can add into nhaystack to improve the situation.

I am, however, open to working with the community to see if there are any other suggestions.

Regards, Richard

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