#452 Dual Duct VAV Modelling

Pouya Ghadimi Sun 13 Nov 2016


I am trying to develop a model for a dual duct VAV (mixing box) system which is connected to two AHUs (neutral and cold). The VAV unit has two separate dampers controlled by common flow and zone temp reading.

Is there any guideline on how to model this piece of equipment to reflect true ahuRef.

Brian Frank Mon 14 Nov 2016

I don't think we really handle that case, but I think I would put the ahuRef onto the two different damper points instead of the vav equip level

Zhenhui Dai Mon 21 Nov 2016


I am not sure that you have two AHUs connecting to the mixing box or just one AHU with cold deck and hot deck. If the VAV is connected to two AHUs, I think you could separate the VAV equip into two ducts for each damper. Each duct will have a ahuRef to refer the AHU that is connected to and a vavRef to indicate which VAV it belongs to. Common flow and zone temp points can stay under VAV equip.

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