#449 Do any datastores use your taxonomy?

sam rossiter Sat 22 Oct 2016

Hi all

Total newbie to IOT so please be gentle.

I'm involved in setting up a LoRaWAN network (http://bristollorawanweb.org/)

So I'm just thinking about setting up a node and storing some data somewhere.

I'm looking for a £free website I can store my data on, do spme pretty graphs that kind of thing.

I'm looking at things like https://www.opensensors.io/, https://thingspeak.com/

Are there any of these services that impliment your taxonomy/ tags?

Is it worth asking them to do so?



Brian Frank Sun 23 Oct 2016

Is it worth asking them to do so?

I don't see why not. If they cater to IoT then Haystack should be good and easy technology for them to support

sam rossiter Mon 24 Oct 2016

Great i'll try asking.

How does one go about adding a tag to your taxonomy?

Here's a list of 49 possible sensor types, you have some of them already but there are a fair few that could be added? https://www.thethingsnetwork.org/forum/t/big-diy-sensor-topic/2600

Is your project intended to build into a comprehensive vocabulary for IOT? Or have it misunderstood the intent?



John Petze Tue 25 Oct 2016

I will try to offer some guidance on how to add a tag to your taxonomy. Project-Haystack is truly community driven. It advances by community members making proposals for tags/devices/taxonomies they see as important. A good example is the work recently contributed as a proposal regarding electric meters and related equipment: http://project-haystack.org/forum/topic/232

Interested community members pull together a proposal. The community critiques it and then it is proposed for acceptance into the standard library.

Its also worth emphasizing that you can create any tags you want to meet your own individual needs. They don't have to be adopted formally for you to start using them. The Haystack methodology is extremely flexible in that way.

Patrick Coffey Wed 30 Nov 2016

Hi Sam,

I'm a bit late, but for what it's worth, we've implemented a PaaS offering that has a big data store and uses the haystack taxonomy extensively. It's called WideSky http://widesky.cloud/



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