#444 Seeking Stories for Next Project Haystack Connections Zine

Therese Sullivan Fri 30 Sep 2016

How are you incorporating meta data tagging into your projects? Could you write your thoughts about why tagging is important …on a $100 dollar bill and mail to me? (credit: Tom and Ray, the CarTalk Guys). Kidding aside, I’m putting the next issue of Project Haystack Connections together, and I’d love your input. It’s Fall conference season, and I’ve posed that question to a lot of speakers and attendees at Real Estate-Tech, IoT and NextGen Buildings shows. I get a mix of answers and some quizzical looks. As Project Haystack participants, you must have a better response. Many different voices from the Haystack community is what will keep this newsletter interesting. Hope to hear from you…if only in a simple email!

Managing Editor Therese Sullivan

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