#440 OEM points lists to Haystack Tagging

Brandon Krautkramer Fri 16 Sep 2016

Good afternoon,

I currently work as a controls engineer for an OEM hvac manufacturer. One thing I am trying to do is find ways to make our DDC controls more universal and easier to integrate into BAS systems. We currently offer modbus, BACnet, and Lon communications. I'm not sure how the haystack initiative ties in with your typical communication protocols, but is there a way I could create product tags to make it easier to tie our units into the BAS system?

Thanks, -Brandon

Brian Frank Fri 16 Sep 2016

It would be very cool to have predefined templates of tags for specific equipment!

What you could easily do today is define the points and their semantics. However, we have not yet standardized or even discussed standardization of how to model fieldbus addresses.

In our system we use a convention to define a connector entity and then addresses for reads, writes, and history syncs. Something like this:

id: @abc
dis: "Haystack Connector"
uri: `http://foo/haystack/`

dis: "Point in Device"
connRef: @abc
haystackCur: @read-address
haystackWrite: @write-address
haystackHis: @his-sync-address

If we really wanted to standardize something like that as part of project-haystack, it would take some work and we'd have to get some agreement on our approach or come up with alternate designs.

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