#416 Two-Pipe Dual Temp Systems

Robert Durning Fri 1 Jul 2016

Hey Everyone -

Is there a preferred structure for modeling two-pipe dual-temp systems with a summer winter change over?

For example: Valves, pumps: Should the point be modeled: dual, temp, water, valve, cmd OR chilled, hot, water, water, valve, cmd

The same question would apply for a binary summer/winter change over command.

Thanks, Rob

Denis OConnor Mon 4 Jul 2016


I would consider using a dualTemp tag such as

  • dualTemp, water, valve, cmd

on the secondaryLoop if that makes sense for your application.

Denis OConnor Wed 6 Jul 2016


I use heating and cooling instead of summer winter.

Robert Durning Fri 11 Nov 2016

Dennis, Thanks for your prompt reply! - I'm just now running into this again and realized I never responded.


Eric Skiba Wed 18 Oct


How has this been working out for you? I'm working on tagging a similar building where almost all equip is dualTemp but some of the larger AHUs can be heat or cool (steamHeat & chilledWater).

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