#395 Economizer Lock

Jeremy Criquet-Parkinson Sun 22 May 2016

Do we have a standard for tagging an economizer lockout Boolean point? If not, any suggestions?

Denis OConnor Mon 23 May 2016

I am surprised to see that we don’t have an economizer tag yet. I typically use the economizer, enable tags when the situation calls for a boolean; and economizer, cmd or economizer, temp, sp tags for other situations.

On Topic #390 Aakash and Christian discuss disable and lockout. Do either disable or lockout would make sense for your application?

I suggest the following definition for the economizer tag:

economizer - associated with the cooling mode of an HVAC system where cooling is supplied without using mechanical refrigeration such as in the use of "free cooling” from an "air side" or "water side" economizer.

Jerry Weatherhogg Tue 24 May 2016

We use outside, air and damper tags to represent an economizer. For a boolean lockout, I would just add lockout and kind: "Bool" tags to the point.

Denis OConnor Thu 26 May 2016

When there is Demand Control Ventilation involved, I have seen separate trends for both the outside air damper cmd and the economizer cmd.

It is not necessary to use the trend, but I find it useful.

If the CO2 is below setpoint, the damper and economizer tags are typically the same, but when CO2 is above setpoint, the outside air damper cmd will be higher than the economizer cmd.

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