#345 nHaystack to auto-generate hisMode and hisInterval tags

John MacEnri Wed 2 Dec 2015


In the set of auto-generated tags returned from nHaystack when listing histories, would it be possible to add hisMode and hisInterval.

From a quick look at the code it seems that within the TagManager.createHistoryTags method, it would be possible to figure out hisMode and hisInterval from the interval property of the BHistoryConfig object passed in. If the interval is IRREGULAR then hisMode is cov and there is no hisInterval. And if interval is not IRREGULAR then hisInterval is the toString() representation of the BRelTime interval object. Problem is of course how can hisMode be accurately worked out. Is it consumption or sampled? There are clearly a load of units that can be inferred as consumption, but that's a bit weak.

It would help a huge amount in getting these automatically from Niagara in order to prepare for SkySpark's upcoming changes around rollup behaviour.

Thanks, John.

Mike Jarmy Thu 3 Dec 2015

That sounds reasonable. I put this on the list, I'll try to get it in to the next release.

Erik Gatti Tue 19 Sep 2023

Any update?

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