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#284 Build 2.0.7 - Docs on BitBucket

Brian Frank Tue 2 Jun 2015

I have published the source for the documentation, tag definitions, and this website on BitBucket here.

In addition, I have created an infrastructure to easily download a self contained build which you can run locally or rebuild from source. The only external dependency is having a Java VM installed. See the new Builds chapter which explains:

  • how to download and run builds
  • how rebuild from source
  • formats used for documentation and tags

Stephen Frank Thu 11 Jun 2015

Excellent! Thanks for doing this. We'll find it very useful.

Stephen Frank Mon 22 May

Brian, on the BitBucket repo, is there a way to view/get each "official" Haystack version (e.g. 3.0.1, as in the downloads section of this site)? I don't see any tags or branches. I do see "Build 3.0.2" as the current commit note on but it is from January and there have definitely been changes since then.

The reason I'm asking is that I would like to pull in recent changes (e.g. to electrical meters, chilled water plants) into our NREL-specific extended version of the standard, but I want to make sure we're working off the latest "official" version each time and that we don't accidentally get something intermediate.

Stephen Frank Mon 22 May

Alternatively, according to that Builds chapter, each official version should be up on this website under "Downloads," but the latest there is 3.0.1. So a new official version there would also work.

Brian Frank Mon 22 May

Stephen: I haven't automated posting the builds or marking the change sets in BitBucket. I'll look and making that a script so that stuff doesn't fall thru the cracks trying to do it manually.

But if you pull from tip in BitBucket its pretty much what is live on the website including the typos we fixed right before Haystack Connect. Not sure how "versioning" should work, but I often update the website on a monthly basis but don't really call that a new version per se (if just tweaking language or adding a member). Probably deserves a discussion in its own right since versioning is always tricky and complex

Stephen Frank Tue 23 May

Got it; thanks. I will pull the latest from BitBucket.

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