#262 Problem with Split Histories in Niagara AX 3.8

Todd Gibson Tue 10 Mar 2015

I have a Niagara project that is setup with Site-Equip-Point hierarchy.

A subset of the Points have split histories(i.e. BAS Point CHWST has 2 archived Histories named: Bldg01_CHWST & Bldg01_CHWST_cfg0). When the Points are imported into SkySpark the history is linking back to Bldg01_CHWST_cfg0.

Is there a way in the nHaystackService to tell it to link to the "active" History (i.e. Bldg01_CHWST)? I'd rather not delete all the stale Histories from the Niagara system.


Todd Gibson Tue 10 Mar 2015

I have some additional background info here: http://www.skyfoundry.com/forum/topic/1433

Sorry for the dual posts, wasn't sure where to start.

Mike Jarmy Wed 11 Mar 2015

Yeah it sounds like it could be an nhaystack bug. I will look into it.

Todd Gibson Mon 23 Mar 2015

Mike, my company wasn't the installing controls contractor so my access to the BAS is somewhat but please let me know if there is any project specific information you'd like for me to try to get to help resolve this. Thanks!

Mike Jarmy Mon 23 Mar 2015

NHaystack does not support split histories in Niagara at the moment. This is the first time this has come up, so I've never had to address it before. I can put it on the list of potential future enhancements

Chris Hanna Wed 14 Dec 2016

Just curious if the enhancement for Niagara split histories has been implemented. I am having the same issue with not being able to sync with any current data after a change was made to the history and a new history configuration was created (i.e., _cfg0).

Todd, were you able to work around this issue at all? Thanks.

Matthew Foley Thu 22 Dec 2016

I guess if you had to choose between more than one programmatically, you'd go with the one with the latest timestamp...

Chris Hanna Thu 12 Jan 2017

I am not sure I follow you, Matthew. In Niagara, the history related to the point is still collecting and displaying properly despite the configuration change. Through nhaystack and SkySpark, it appears that the original trend log remains bound to the point despite the configuration change and thus the trend data just stops. Are you saying there is a way to override this programmatically in the nHaystackService to link the point to the "active" trend log? Thanks.

Matthew Foley Fri 13 Jan 2017

I probably just misunderstood the context originally. Disregard, sorry for the distraction.

Chris Hanna Wed 18 Jan 2017

No worries. Thanks for taking a look!

Brandyn Carlson Mon 8 Apr


I was hoping to follow up about this issue - does anyone know whether there is any plan for nhaystack in the future to allow for syncing from multiple associated Niagara history records? I get a 401 error when I try to sync a point in Niagara that has 2 history extensions (1 interval, 1 COV). Would be very interested if there is any update in the works that impacts this functionality.

FYI, this is one of the reasons my company uses polling at most projects, because Skyspark allows for trending at both COV and interval, but Niagara and most BACnet history devices are not capable of configuring singular trends with both COV and interval settings. When histories do not include any regular interval for update, the data is not readily viewable in Skyspark beyond the last change of value (which for setpoints might be a long time back...).

Anyway we'd love to be able to sync both interval/COV data instead of poll but it appears there is not yet a valid way to do that through nhaystack.


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