#1124 Create siteRef wirh the program service

Erik Gatti Mon 24 Jun


I'm encountering a problem with the creation of the equips.

For my projects, I have to interface with a lot of device and tag them all.

The problem with the equips is that I have to create a lot of them, and all by hand.

I was wondering if I could create the equips batch by using the program service.

I tryied and I can almost create all the object that an equip needs by using the program service.

The only thing I can't change is the “Relation Id” (baja:relation).

The relation Id of an equip is marked "hs:siteRef", in the Property Sheet view.

If I try to change it with the program service, the only view I get to modify this Id is the same I get when I open the equip in the relation sheet view.

In this view, I can modify the Relation Id, but I can only select these Ids:









I can't write "hs:siteRef" with the program service.

I also tryied to select one of the option i wrote before.

When I do so, the Ref is created, but it lack the "hs:siteRef" I can than change it by hand in the property sheet, but it means that I also have to do it for all the equips that i create using the program service (so the problem remains).

I was wondering if there could be a way to create the equips without doing it manually?

If something isn't clear, I'm free to clarify (Unfortunately, without screenshot it is a bit tricky to explain everything).

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