#1123 Haystack Filters

Fahad Zaheer Wed 12 Jun


This is the endpoint I am using to get the equipments with the site that is in city XYZ I always get this {

"_kind": "grid",
"meta": {
  "ver": "3.0",
  "errType": "sys::ArgErr",
  "err": {
    "_kind": "marker"
  "errTrace": "sys::ArgErr: Invalid col name: filter=equip=\n  Trace disabled",
  "dis": "sys::ArgErr: Invalid col name: filter=equip="
"cols": [
    "name": "empty"
"rows": []


How to use the filters with read end point. Sorry for basic question, new exploring it

Ian Habermann Wed 12 Jun

Hello Fahad,

You need to url encode the entire filter expression. Also use siteRef instead of site.

equip and siteRef->geoCity == "XYZ"


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