#1121 Join Us in Welcoming Two New Project Haystack Associate Members Air-TraXX and Innon Energy

Robin Bestel Tue 11 Jun

We hope you will all join us in welcoming two new corporations that have joined our organization. The two new Associate Member companies are Air-TraXX B.V. and Innon Energy Ltd.

Air-TraXX B.V. is not just a standard system integrator, but also an OEM for ventilation products. Our strength is offering complete plug-n-play solutions to reduce working hours on site. 95% of our products are equipped with DDC controllers using IP technology, from thermostats to advanced BMS systems, and from air handling units to vav-terminals and diffusors. Air-TraXX has been a specialist in the field of complete Induction VAV systems for years.

Innon Energy Ltd. started with a mission to help engineers in the building automation industry get in the seat: to control what they want, the way they want it, without any restrictions imposed by suppliers. The only limit should be how far the technology can go.

Read the Press Release on PRWeb at: https://www.prweb.com/releases/project-haystack-announces-new-members-demonstrating-strong-support-of-the-organizations-standards-for-semantic-modeling-and-tagging-of-device-and-equipment-data-302167987.html.

Read it on the Project Haystack Marketing website at: https://marketing.project-haystack.org/project-haystack-media/press-releases/project-haystack-announces-new-members-demonstrating-strong-support-of-the-organization-s-standards-for-semantic-modeling-and-tagging-of-device-and-equipment-data.

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