#1117 Xeto - either/or functionality

James Gessel Wed 22 May

Its extremely useful having the option to define points as required or optional.

Is there also an "either/or" option? I seem to remember a short discussion about this in a WG meeting.

Brian Frank Wed 22 May

There is an "or" type. However, its not really flushed out how it would work with graph validation (equip points). I have not written any tests for it at all yet.

I think or between two types is pretty straight forward.

But an or between groups of points would probably be more sophisticated.

James Gessel Wed 22 May

I'm sure its not straightforward to create. I would be happy to help figure it out or do some testing if needed!

A common scenario we run into is vav temp setpoints. We either need a single effective sp, OR both effective htg/clg sps.

In a spec the following syntax would make intuitive sense:

MyVav: G36Vav {
  points: {
    ZoneTempSp | ZoneTempHtgSp&ZoneTempClgSp

Even if we had to create a separate spec that somehow resolved into that "or" statement that would be great. Not sure if that would be easier than introducing the new syntax using those operators.

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