#1114 Action Learn Structure Fails

Radu Petrescu Fri 26 Apr

Added a FIN client to my nHaystak driver in Niagara then when I hit the action Learn Structure it fails with this error below... any ideas?

Failed [20:59:24 26-Apr-24] Job Failed java.lang.ClassCastException: org.projecthaystack.HRef cannot be cast to org.projecthaystack.HUri

at nhaystack.driver.point.learn.BNHaystackLearnStructureJob.traverse(BNHaystackLearnStructureJob.java:183)
at nhaystack.driver.point.learn.BNHaystackLearnStructureJob.run(BNHaystackLearnStructureJob.java:125)
at javax.baja.job.BSimpleJob$JobThread.run(BSimpleJob.java:95)

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