#1111 nHaystack Setup Issues

Eric Fish Mon 8 Apr

I was hoping someone could point me to some good resources to learn how to setup nHaystack that has some details regarding versions and compatibly. I realize these are very basic question, but I am new to all of this, and I am a little confused regarding all the different versions. I have seen multiple Tridium videos about how to setup tagging. I realize this is an evolving process. Tridium has its own tagging and there is nHaystack tagging, there is haystack tagging with SmartRefs and there is a NHaystackService. I apparently need the NHaystackService to act as a server for SkySpark, but I am running into issues while using with the latest NHaystackService Service View; it never seems to pull in what I thought it would.

I started with a Niagara N4 (N4.11.2) Jace that someone else loaded with the Haystack TagDictionaryService (3.0.2 N.2 w/ SmartRefs). I loaded the latest NHaystackService. I am guessing that the Haystack TagDictionaryService (3.0.2 N.2 w/ SmartRefs) is not compatible with the NHaystackService, it is a different version than the one packaged with the NHaystackService. If that is the case is there a NHaystackService that is compatible with the Haystack TagDictionaryService (3.0.2 N.2 w/ SmartRefs) or do I need to remove the Haystack TagDictionaryService (3.0.2 N.2 w/ SmartRefs) and add the one that came with NHaystackService? If I do this, will all the related tags from the Haystack TagDictionaryService (3.0.2 N.2 w/ SmartRefs) be removed? I know there's a lot here, but I have looked everywhere and can't seem to find an explanation or any sort of a comparability matrix or anything that is helpful.

Paul Quinn Tue 9 Apr

Eric, Probably not a short answer here. I think the first decision you need to make is if you are going to tag equipment and points inside Tridium or just tag inside SkySpark. I've integrated close to 200 Niagara buildings into SkySpark and not one has implemented tagging in Niagara.

The second issue to deal with is if you are pulling from the Jace(s) directly or if there is a Supervisor and if that Supervisor has one or multiple buildings on it. A Supervisor with multiple building requires more setup.

I have SkySpark import routines for nHaystack that automates a lot of the process. Reach out and we can discuss. [email protected]

Eric Fish Wed 10 Apr

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the reply. I have emailed you more details.


Eric Fish Mon 15 Apr

Just reaching back out. Sent Paul an email and never received a reply. Really looking for some guidance regarding setting up nhaystack with Niagara, especially working with a web supervisor. I haven't really found too much info regarding this. Also questions as to whether or not it's better to do tagging in the Jace as opposed to doing tagging in SkySpark. After digging in it looks like you can be a bit more flexible and more consistent across different communication protocols when tagging during import into SkySpark. Just trying to get some advice from others that have already been down this road and have some experience. I'm still very new to all of this. Thanks in advance for any input you can provide.

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