#1110 NHaysack Initialization Failed

Rick Tijero Fri 5 Apr


I am seeing the error below when trying to initialize the nHaystack Service. It seems like there is an object with a path name of "Equislot:" that it is tripping on. Am I reading this correctly? Does anyone know of a quick way of finding the offending object?

INFO [10:27:56 04-Apr-24 PDT] [nhaystack] Begin initializing NHaystack
INFO [10:27:56 04-Apr-24 PDT] [nhaystack] Begin cache rebuild.
SEVERE [10:27:56 04-Apr-24 PDT] [sys.engine] Action failed: initializeHaystack()
javax.baja.naming.SyntaxException: Invalid name in path:Equislot:
 at javax.baja.naming.SlotPath.parseNames (SlotPath.java: 442) 
 at javax.baja.naming.SlotPath.parse (SlotPath. java:403)
 at javax.bapa.naming.SlotPath.<init>(SlotPath.java: 55)
 at nhaystack.server.RemotePoint.<init> (RemotePoint.java:137)
 at nhaystack.server.RemotePoint.fromControlPoint (RemotePoint.java:85)
 at nhaystack.server.Cache.processComponent (Cache. java: 318)
 at nhaystack.server.Cache.rebuildComponentCache_firstPass(Cache.java:270)
 at nhaystack.server.Cache.rebuild(Cache.java:54)
 at nhaystack.server.BNHaystackService.doInitializeHaystack(BNHaystackService.java: 707)
 at auto.nhaystack_server_BNHaystackService.invoke(AutoGenerated)
 at com.tridium.sys.schema.ComponentSlotMap.invoke(ComponentSlotMap.java:1908)
 at com.tridium.sys.engine.EngineUtil.doInvoke (EngineUtil.java:62)
 at javax.baja.sys.BComponent. doInvoke (BComponent.java: 1264)
 at javax.baja.util.Invocation.run (Invocation.java: 47)
 at nhaystack.worker.WorkerInvocation.doRun (WorkerInvocation.java: 33)
 at nhaystack.worker.WorkerChore.run (WorkerChore.java:40)
 at javax.baja.util.Worker.process (Worker.java: 168)
 at javax.baja.util.Worker$Processor.run (Worker.java: 141)
 at java.lang.Thread.run (Thread.java: 750)

Richard McElhinney Sun 7 Apr

Hi Rick,

I don't have a good way of finding the offending component but this seems like a good candidate where better feedback could be given. I'll see if I can add something in to the cache rebuild process that will print out the slot path of the object in this case.

Thanks for highlighting.

Rick Tijero Fri 12 Apr

Hi Richard,

Thank you. Looking forward to hearing from you.


Rick Tijero Tue 7 May

Hi Richard,

I just wanted to check in on this. Have you had some spare time to enhance the feedback given during the cache rebuild process?


Richard McElhinney Wed 8 May

Hi Rick,

Yes I am looking into this. Can you please let me know what version of nhaystack you are using?

Rick Tijero Fri 10 May

We are using nhaystack version on a Niagara server version Thank you for your time, I really appreciate it.


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