#1097 Single source of truth pointQuery tag

Alper Üzmezler Thu 21 Dec 2023

Currently we have a bunch of tags on a point but figuring out how we should search it and find the filter requires understanding of what tags mean.

I have been utilizing a tag type dictionary of pointQuery so I don't have to make intellectual filtering of which tags to use for filtering. (Yes I am lazy)

Could we come up with a tag that is standard on how we should search the point so other applications would look at this tag could be pointQuery or pointQueryFilter?

I know it is just tooling tag. It has been helping our implementations, I thought I would share.

Example is :

pointQuery:{zone, air, temp, sensor}
pointQuery:{heat, cmd, stage:1}

We use this to filter the database but our application has single reference on where to look when building the other application.

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