#1095 Deploying Haystack to large system

Al Tufano Tue 19 Dec 2023

Hi I manage a large system that spans hundreds of buildings, thousands of pieces of equipment and hundreds of thousands of points across many states. Are there any suggestions on how to best implement Haystack?

My guess is to add a "Site" to each location and populate the data within (hs:area, etc). Is there a batch process to perform that?

Then there are the equip, points, and tags etc. is there a method to batch this or am I doomed to data entry for the next 12 months? How would this blend with the NEQL tags?

Would smart tagging work in this instance?

Any insight and help would be appreciated.


Alex Waibel Wed 20 Dec 2023

Al, we have done this type of deployment in a number of different ways. Your project sounds interesting and typically the type of role you are looking for is a Master Systems Integrator. These are professional services that deal with large building data, data organization, and then deploying analytics to help manage equipment, manpower utilization, building environment, and energy.

We would be happy to connect with you to discuss more details or share more about how this can be done and what we have done in the past.

You can learn more about us at www.buildinglogix.net

Paul Quinn Thu 4 Jan

Al, I have worked with a dozen + portfolio owners with large inventories. As the owner you need to take charge of how things happen in your SkySpark instance or you end up with a mess from multiple implementers and commissioning agents. Not that any one is bad, but they all do things differently and doesn't always mesh together for the end owner.

I have developed a number import routines including standardized equipment and point templates to keep things consistent.

I'd be happy to have a phone conversation to discuss. Paul Quinn [email protected]

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