#1082 nHaystack

Makorn Nupakorn Wed 2 Aug 2023

I was able to add the module successfully.

But I want to know how to use nHaystack as a server and use pyhaystack to get haystack site/device/point tags as json format.

I read the documentation but I don't understand.

my goal is Use haystacks for analytics in DataBrick Can someone please explain the architecture of this solution?

Rick Jennings Thu 3 Aug 2023

Hi Makorn,

Recently I launched another open-source project called Phable, which is a simple Python toolkit for basic client connectivity to a Haystack server.

You are welcome to try out Phable using the basic usage examples as a reference. I would be happy to assist you if you have any issues.

Also, I am familiar with Databricks and Snowflake and would have some advice to share with you.

Phable may be sufficient for your use case if you are simply doing periodic batch hisReads and hisWrites with a few Niagara devices that support the nHaystack connector. Someone else would need to elaborate on how you may use nHaystack exactly.

If you want to work with many Niagara devices (which are compatible with nHaystack) and support current values, TLS, etc. with higher resiliency and better debugging support, then I would recommend you consider putting a Haystack server in the cloud between the Niagara devices and Snowflake.

For example, I work for SkyFoundry and we have a commercial product called SkySpark which is a Haystack server and more. Also there are other Haystack server options available within the Project Haystack community which others may share a link to in this thread too.

Please feel free to contact me at [email protected] to continue this discussion if you would like.

Kind regards,


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