#1080 Children information missing in defs.trio

Giridhar Prasad Thu 27 Jul 2023

I am trying to make library of Point proto, tags, parents for our point tagging activity.

I made this by merging protos.trio and defs.trio from downloads

One example of bypass damper command point is as shown below. (I don't know how to format tables)

Prototype                               protoTagName                         tags                                            Equip/ Point  parents
bypass damper cmd point; bypassDamperCmdPoint;      bypass, cmd, damper, point;   Point;           ahu, airHandlingEquip, crac, doas, fcu, mau, rtu, unitVent, vrf-indoorUnit-fcu

I found there are missing children information in defs.trio but the same is available in protos page in docs. Examples as mentioned below

https://project-haystack.org/doc/proto/outside-duct-equip - children information missing in defs.trio

https://project-haystack.org/doc/proto/thermostat-equip - children information available in defs.trio

Could the defs.trio be uploaded with all children information to help us build our library.

Thanks !

Brian Frank Thu 27 Jul 2023

I can't understand your table. Maybe try explaining it with bullet points (or you can create fixed width by indenting four spaces.

But also remember that the docs on the website are walking the children tree (things like everything in the duct are not flattened into the children tag.

Giridhar Prasad Fri 28 Jul 2023

I can see children information available in the webpage https://project-haystack.org/doc/proto/outside-duct-equip

that it has below mentioned protos as their children outside air co2 concentration sensor point outside air co2 concentration sp point outside air dewpoint sensor point outside air dewpoint sp point etc

This was one of the example. The children information for outside duct equip is missing in defs.trio file.

the same for thermostat equip is available.

I would like similar information for missing equip added in defs.trio

'children:[{equip},{point},{zone air dewPoint sensor point},{zone air dewPoint sp point},{zone air enthalpy sensor point},{zone air enthalpy sp point},{zone air humidity sensor point},{zone air humidity sp point},{zone air hvacMode sp point},{zone air pressure sensor point},{zone air pressure sp point},{zone air temp effective sp point},{zone air temp occ cooling sp point},{zone air temp occ heating sp point},{zone air temp sensor point},{zone air temp standby cooling sp point},{zone air temp standby heating sp point},{zone air temp unocc cooling sp point},{zone air temp unocc heating sp point}]


Could you let me know if there are more ways to find it

Brian Frank Fri 28 Jul 2023

There is no def for outside-air-damper, so you aren't going to see it defs.trio. Prototypes are synthesized using the recursive process described in docs. So you would need to do the same thing to recursively generate potential protos - there is no predefined file for that today (the protos file don't include children). Although at this point, it's highly likely protos will be replaced with Xeto.

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