#1077 nHaystack batch tagging

Erik Gatti Wed 28 Jun 2023

Hi everyone, I'm working with nHaystack 3.2.0 on a jace N4 I'm using the driver for tagging the datapoints and adding equips. It all works fine but the process of drag and drop the datapoints in the nhaystack service to add the tags its really time consuming. It's really frustrating to have to open all the folders and selecting all the datapoints that i want to tag and drop them in the slot, and I was wondering if it coul be done with the ProgramService. To add the nhaystack slot it's easy, it's just an nhaystack:HDict, but the markers I don't know how. Anyone had this problem before? Is it possible to speed up this process?

Thanks in advance and have a goodtime ^^

Alper Üzmezler Thu 29 Jun 2023

We have figured out some parts. I will enhance the program service objects to tag them. I will talk to Richard and programmers.

Erik Gatti Tue 4 Jul 2023

Thank you very much, is there a way for me to follow the progress on this subject? I'm not capable to help develop this feature unfortunately, but it's a feature that would be incredibly useful

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