#1076 Access Control WG

Georgios Grigoriou Fri 23 Jun 2023

Hi all,

I am thinking of starting this WG for standardizing tags for access control systems. Please find below the proposed vocabulary definition. My first attempt on that so happy to hear your thoughts and interested in working with subject-matter experts on that

  • def: access-control-system
  • doc: System for regulating and restricting entry to physical spaces or digital resources based on authorized permissions.
  • conjunct: {access: ability or permission granted to individuals or entities to enter or utilize a physical space, information, resources, or systems. conjunct, control: the ability to direct, manage, regulate, or govern the functioning or behavior of systems, processes, devices, or entities in order to achieve desired outcomes or maintain order and authority, system: Grouping of related equipment dedicated to a single application
  • meta: {children: tbc, def:access-control-system, doc: See above, is: system, lib:phIoT?}
  • usage:{access, control,  system}
  • taxonomy: {marker: Marker labels a dict with typing information, entity: Top-level dicts with a unique identifier, system: Grouping of related equipment dedicated to a single }
  • tags:{dis: Display name for an entity, id: Defines the unique identifier of an entity in system using a ref value type: systemRef: Reference to system}

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