#1068 Hydrogen Gas Detection Tag

Sanket J Thu 8 Jun 2023

Do we have a proposed or finalized tag for Hydrogen gas detection?

Brian Frank Thu 8 Jun 2023

Hydrogen is not defined, but by convention it would be h-concentration. Although I am not sure I like using just h for Hydrogen. Maybe there some other comments for suggestions?

Sanket J Fri 9 Jun 2023

The symbol of Hydrogen is H2 at standard condition, i.e. Hydrogen Gas, should we use h2-concentration?

Brian Frank Fri 9 Jun 2023

Any objections to adding h2 as a new def then? Proposed definition:

def: ^h2
is: ^gas  
wikipedia: `https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hydrogen`
doc: "Hydrogen at standard conditions (H₂)"

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