#1067 Connecting an BMS with project haystack

Markus Hoffmann Sat 3 Jun 2023

Hello everybody,

I'm a total beginner (student) with Project Haystack. I have already gathered and learned a great deal of information about Project Haystack. But what I haven't found is how to connect Project Haystack to a BMS. As an example, I have a controller from Siemens, a PXC100 or a Beckhoff PLC. I now lack the access to let these two things communicate with each other. As far as I know, the controllers don't support the yet, so I need a software solution. Is there free software for this, or instructions, documentation on how to do this?

Thanks in advance for a few tips.

Kind regards Mark

Brian Frank Sun 4 Jun 2023

You might want to check out Haxall which provides a way to map PLC data via Modbus to Haystack points.

Stephen Frank Mon 5 Jun 2023

Brian already mentioned Haxall, but if that doesn't work for you there are a lot of reference implementations of Haystack available on the Downloads page. You may be able to combine those with other packages to build your own data pipeline. Finally, there are commercial software products that use Haystack; you can see a list of Project Haystack corporate members here (some of which offer software).

Frank Smit Tue 6 Jun 2023


To let talk 2 systems with each other you need to convert the protocol of PXC 100 and Beckhoff to haystack. Both can talk BACnet/IP so you need BACnet connector for that. I think it is better to use a commercial software product if your are located in the EU I can help you with it.

Markus Hoffmann Tue 19 Sep 2023

I've been trying to get Haxall to talk to a Beckhoff controller via MQTT for some time now. Unfortunately without success. Is there documentation, videos or instructions for Haxall?

Or does anyone have an idea how to use Project Haystack via Bacnet?

Thank you!

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