#1065 Handling Dual Temperature Pipes in a Chiller Plant

Matt Blount Thu 1 Jun 2023

Yall need to open up the forum to allow us to insert pictures. Think that would help move the conversation along faster.

Part 1: Modeling Dual Temperature Pipes. Many Chiller plants we come across use dual temp pipes. What this means is the core loop is only a two pipe system and the building operator switches the mode of the plant from heating to cooling depending on the time of year. I could model the pipes as hot water pipes in the winter, and cold water pipes in the summer depending on the mode the central plant is in. But we have been unable to find a method of modeling the dual temperature pipes that fit within the defs and protos currently available by project haystack.

Part 2: How do you model similar pipes connected to a 2 Pipe FCU for heating and cooling?

I searched the forum assuming this question has come up before but could not find anything. Any thoughts?

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