#1062 Fan Speed Use Cases & Tag

Sanket J Wed 31 May 2023

Hi, I have use case where there is requirement of two type of fan speed mapped to Analog out.

Type 1: This is regular fan Speed based on loop output fan speed will operate of 0-100% (0-10V) for this I can define and use regular tag "fan" & "speed"

Type 2: With this configuration User has option to define analog out voltage (0-10V) or fan speed (0-100%) based on cooling stage or heating stage running.

For example: user can predefined (7 V) i.e. 70% Fan Speed when Cooling Stage 1 is enabled.

For type 2 use case I need suggestion for tag which can be utilize.

Leroy Simms Wed 31 May 2023

Type 1 sounds like a fan-speed-cmd point.

Type 2 sounds more like a setpoint and may be tagged fan-speed-cooling-sp

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