#1060 usage of navName

Sanket J Mon 22 May 2023

My usecase requires two names for a point, one utilised for display and another in backend algorithm.

For example:

"fanCmd" will be utilised in algo, display name would be "Fan Command"

can I utilise navName for naming algorithm point?

navName: "fanCmd" dis: "Fan Command"

Paul Quinn Tue 23 May 2023

I have run into cases where the client wants control of the display name but I need the underlying BMS point name for documentation and subsequent import updating.

On equipment and points I usually add a disName that initially equals the navName and then modify the disMacro to use $disName instead of $navName. That way the client can change the disName all they want without breaking any links to the BMS.

Another option is to create your own BMS tag like bmsSource and use that to document the unique identifier back to the core system.

Stuart Longland Tue 23 May 2023

WideSky uses name.

Restrictions being you can use any character that can appear in a Ref except the full stop (.), as the tag is used to compute the entity's fully qualified name which is used as the entity's id as an alternative to the system-generated UUID.

So a site named mySite, with an equip named myEquip that has a point named fanCmd, the point fanCmd could be referenced as either @mySite.myEquip.fanCmd, or its UUID (which might be @cc4b0bf4-78e4-49ba-a01c-17e46d45b2bc).

For display text, we just use the standard dis tag. It's purely used for human identification and can contain any string.

I've frequently then used something like equipRef==@${someequip} and name=="somePoint" to identify a specific named point.

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