#1058 migrating and adopting haystack

Nikos Sakkas Thu 11 May 2023


we' re very new in haystack and would like to consider adopting it in the current re-engineering and uplifting our BMS system. Is there any roadmap/ help available for such a process? I guess it will more and more pop up as an issue..

Thanks for anyone getting down to my elementary level

best! Nikos

Brian Frank Thu 11 May 2023

Its just a few weeks away, but if you can I would highly suggest you try to come to Haystack Connect in Nashville on June 6-7. You will get to meet many people in the community.

In general the path to implementation for a product company is based on if you are a data producer or data consumer.

If you are a producer:

  1. Provide a model of your data in Haystack
  2. Provide a way to get that model out (ideally via the HTTP API), but for starters it may just be a flat file dump

If you are consumer:

  1. Implement a client of the HTTP API to suck Haystack data into your product

Let us know what technology you use for your platform (Java, TypeScript, etc), there is quite a bit of open source libraries to get your started on the Downloads page

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